Me Myself N I

Me Myself N I

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Abag abang college in New York! (Cool ppl)

College students in New York are awesome!!
The malaysian ones!!.....VERY BERRY AWESOME!

1)Abg Harith-He's like my older brother!...always there for me n im always there for him! YEAH!
He's cool,awesome n outgoing! Man i gotta love this boy!
2)Abg Farhan-Poker champion! (im jealous of him) very cool,nice n fun!....n VERY VERY UNDERSTANDING!
3)Abg Muzhaffar-Cool,Awesome,Fun,Funny...But he steals my food n drinks! Were a team!...(I kno his secret...about 3 secrets...shhh)
4)Abg Harris-Cool,Funny,Likes 2 mess around...he was VERY mean to me BUT!...He ended up becoming my "best friend"(hahahahaha)...He's fun! very berry fun!
5)Abg Ari-He's kinda quiet...(around me)...He's a chilled out person...BUT!...He's also another mean one...he makes fun of my singing..(he's joking!...HE BETTA BE!)...Umm he's very cool tho!! :D
6)Abg Shafiq-Very cool...VERY BERRY QUIET!!!(TRUST ME ON THIS ONE)...i think he's shy :/ idk....he's skilled at guitar!...soo awesome!
7)Abg Zaid-He's quiet...i barely talk 2 him tho :( but he seems cool! :) He's TALL!! lol
8)Abg Zainal-Cool!...Awesome!...Rajin!....He's cool wit kids!...especially me! lol...NICE!!
Very Berry Fun! :)

I think that's about it!....If ur a malay college student in NY/NJ n ur name isn't here then inbox me on fb n i'll put u in!..don't feel left out!...i did this at 3 am...soo i can't think straight! :/

New life...New people...

Ok...i haven't blogged in awhile..
soo far my life is great!
I have a new bf n i have my bestie who's always there n always will be wif me by my side!
My boyfriend is a sweet guy...he's soo nice 2 me!
but wen he's around other people he's different...which isn't a good thing cuz ppl bitch on me because he's "disrespectful"...idk wat 2 say anymore...
i mean just cuz im his gf doesn't mean i control him like seriously grow up ppl!
But no matter wat i still like him the way he is! :D

My bestie erin on the other hand is always suporting me thru EVERYTHING!
Good n bad times!...she never judges me!...she accepts me the way i am! matter wat i do she still loves me the way i am!!

The important thing is i have a new life n a new person added to it... :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


"U wanna know y i looked like an"ANGRY CAT"dats bout 2 eat u!Cuz ur a JERK!Instead of backin up ur so called"best friend"u went along making fun of me too thinkin it's soo cool to make fun of me and have a laugh out of it n not think bout my feelings!N to just sit there n not care wen i cried my anger out!It made me look stupid to be made fun off it made u a D***head to not care!I don't care cuz someday,sometime i will get u back,all of u dat f***ed wif me,And if ur"sorry"PROVE IT!Don't bother 2 write me,Call me,Text me or anything like dat to get me to talk 2 u!"

This goes to the Asshole dat made me look soo fuckin retarded n didn't give a fuck bout me!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Owh goodness!!

"Sorry i followed you last night!,My mom told me to follow my dreams!" :-* :) ;)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mike"The Situation"Sorrentino

^Kinda a blurry pic of The situation..But ppl were pushing!
N i couldn't rly c him! :(

Today i met Mike The situation from jersey shore..
he was signing his book that he published!!
I love Jersey Shore!!
In jersey shore they always say "It's T-Shirt time!!" before going to the club..they put T-shirts on...
soo before leaving Borders i yelled out loud "It's T-Shirt Time!!" And Mike lifted up his shirt n showed his Hott n Sexxyyy body!!!! :))
I was happy!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OOVOO Dates! :))

I Love oovooing wif my besties!
I get soo happy wen they put on funny effects n we just start bein stupid n take pics!! haha :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spirit Week!

Ps/217(My School) is having spirit week!
Spirit week is a week of fun at school!
Monday is Dress up day!-Dress up like your going to work!
Tuesday is pajama day!-Wear pajama's to school!
Wednesday is School Spirit Day!-Wear school colors to school
Thursday is Crazy Hair day!-Make a mess out of ur hair!
And last but not least is
Friday is Costume day-Wear ur halloween costume to school...7th and 8th grade go to the halloween dance!
I had soo much fun soo far!
Tomorrow is School Spirit day!....I've already decided wat 2 wear! :)